Juan FalibeneWeb Designer / Front End Developer

Work Experience

Freelance Web Designer @ juanfalibene.com 2013 — Present · Barcelona, Spain.

— Custom development and design tailored to the specific needs of each project, without the use of predefined templates.
— Consulting on each project, ensuring quality and effectiveness.
— Implementation of organic search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to enhance online visibility.
— Collaboration with local and international agencies and clients.

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Web Designer @ Socialissima Agency 2020 — Present · Austin, TX, United States.

— Creation of pages and content in line with marketing and advertising strategies.
— Prototyping and wireframing to effectively visualize and communicate design and functionality ideas.
— UX/UI audits to optimize user experience and website interfaces.
— Close collaboration with multidisciplinary teams and digital agencies for synergistic project execution.

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Wordpress Developer @ PS Works 2023 — Present · Barcelona, Spain.

— Design and development of customized websites using WordPress as the main platform.
— Ensuring smooth communication and successful delivery of work.
— Implementation of e-commerce solutions (WooCommerce).
— Continuous maintenance and optimization of websites to improve loading speed.

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Interactive Director @ DHNN Creative Agency 2011 - 2012 · Buenos Aires, Argentina.

— Team leadership, task assignment, and coordination in project execution.
— Back-end development using PHP and MySQL, ensuring robustness, security, and performance.
— Consultation with UX/UI designers.

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FrontEnd Developer Professional Certificate @ CIFO L'Hospitalet 2023 · Barcelona, Spain.

Duration: 300 hours
— HTML5 & CSS3 — Vanilla JavaScript ES6 — React.js & React Native

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Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia Design @ Escuela Da Vinci 2006 — 2011 · Buenos Aires, Argentina.

GPA: 8.
— Web Design, Interactive Design, UI, UX, Graphic Design, Advertising, Problem Solving, Programming.

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Web Designer and Front-End Developer specialized in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React. I am dedicated to creating highly functional and visually appealing websites, paying meticulous attention to detail. With over eight years of professional experience, I have contributed to the success of projects both locally and internationally.

Soft Skills

Problem Solving · Creativity · Effective Communication · Detail Orientation · Team Collaboration · Time Management · Adherence to Deadlines

Hard Skills